How we work

The TravelSpirit Foundation is a hosted by Public Software Community Interest Company (CIC). We function as a trade association to promote TravelSpirit’s core values, and a Research Technology Organisation (RTO) to build the Internet of Mobility.

The strategic direction of TravelSpirit Foundation is steered by a global Executive Board comprised of individuals from the fields of transport, digital and people management.

The current structure of the Executive Board contains the following key roles:

The Chair: Responsible for managing TravelSpirit’s strategic partnerships and wider network, including corporate membership relationships.

The CEO: Responsible for ensuring TravelSpirit is correctly governed; guardian of the TravelSpirit Strategy; lead advocate and adviser.

The COO: Responsible for considering the people management and business operating model implications of a future Mobility as a Service eco-system, and championing change programmes that encourage open collaboration.

The CTO: Responsible for considering the social and technological implications of a future Mobility as a Service eco-system, and championing the Internet of Mobility.

Outside of the Executive Board, TravelSpirit is composed of and supported by the following bodies:

TravelSpirit Foundation CIC: Responsible for supporting TravelSpirit activities and undertaking revenue-generating activities on behalf of the global community.

Regional Market Project (RMP) Boards: Comprised of affiliate and associate members of the trade association. RMP Boards are based on a geographical area and exist to deliver and support projects under the banner of TravelSpirit and in accordance with the 4 core values. At this moment, the strongest RMP resides in the UK. We are currently exploring opportunities to establish RMP in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.

Trade Association Members: The basis of TravelSpirit Foundation membership is more than just transactional. To maintain their membership, we expect every member to be taking an active role in the four core values that unite us.

The Executive Board, RMP Boards, and Trade Association Members can commission the CIC to deliver projects, events and other activities on behalf of the wider TravelSpirit community.