TravelSpirit EUROPE

TravelSpirit EUROPE will promote the TravelSpirit vision of Open Internet of Mobility and transport accessibility across the continent.

The Opportunity and Challenge

EUROPE is made of 43 countries: the European Union Member States, Switzerland, some EU accession countries and other countries not yet embarked in this process for a total of 741 million inhabitants (UN, 2015).

For this variety of countries, cultures, languages and different degrees of maturity in the transport field (either regarding the vehicles technology or the Intelligent Transport Systems services and solutions), EUROPE is a fairly unique, and the ideal incubator for cross-boundary solutions that enable freedom of movement of people and goods.

However, many of these countries have developed their own transport & mobility eco-systems over the last decades, that cannot talk to each other easily.

Our Role

Travelspirit EUROPE aims to ease the introduction of solutions that could help improve the transport eco-system in all these countries, promote the adoption of OPEN technological solutions, standards and platforms that will make the final output free from costly and lengthy proprietary contracts.

For instance, we would like to have local authorities free to choose the best solution providers along with the best maintenance services while offering the best products to their citizens and tourists.

Europe’s variety will also represent a wealth of opportunities for exchanging best practices among Travelspirit Members for a common growth in quantity and quality of the Mobility services offered.

Best Practice

Many countries in Europe, despite their differences, follow some common rules mandated by the European Commission that has been striving for more than three decades to harmonise regulations and technologies.

One major example is the EU ITS Directive (2010/40/EU), approved on 07 July 2010, aiming to accelerate the deployment of innovative transport technologies across Europe. This Directive is an important instrument for the coordinated implementation of ITS in Europe. It aims to establish interoperable and seamless ITS services while leaving Member States the freedom to decide which systems to invest in.

Another example is the EU Transport White Paper (a.k.a. “Transport 2050”), issued on 28 March 2011, that outlines the ambitious plan to increase mobility and reduce Europe’s dependence on imported oil while cutting carbon emission by 60% by 2050.

Benefits of joining TravelSpirit EUROPE

TravelSpirit EUROPE operates out of London (UK) and Turin (Italy) to better merge experiences carried out in North and South Europe at local, regional and national level.

Travelspirit EUROPE Members have the chance of participating in EU-funded projects that will give the chance of having activities funded up to 100% of the total costs plus the invaluable experience of working and networking with international peers. We will coordinate the preparation of robust and innovative transport & Mobility project proposals.

Travelspirit EUROPE is also linked to the other Travelspirit regional entities branches, that include TravelSpirit North America, TravelSpirit ASEAN and TravelSpirit South Africa, for an even more interconnected global experience.

To learn more about, and join TravelSpirit EUROPE, please contact the Chair, Dr Ing Stefano Mainero.