Whitepaper 4: Will everyone benefit from MaaS?

Earlier in the summer, we canvassed the opinion of 106 people on which parts of the UK would benefit most from MaaS, and which types of organisation were most likely to succeed in providing MaaS in the future.  These people who had a natural bias towards being already engaged in discussions on MaaS, and/or who were familiar with new technology as a whole. The short survey was designed to raise debate, and assess the opinion of the respondents,

Interestingly, they were quite evenly divided between the types of community would benefit most from MaaS, reflecting a diversity of opinions about what MaaS is and where it would improve transport options.

In order to raise the profile of MaaS in the UK, especially amongst people from outside the transport industry, TravelSpirit Foundation is actively engaged in promoting and advocating open Mobility as a Service developments, through social media work, publication of White Papers and organisation of events, including our 2nd Annual Conference on September 26th in London.

More about the report:

The survey was analysed by Jim Bamford, of Huddersfield Business School, with the subsequent publication of short report for the basis of further discussion and debate with a wider business and academic community, outside of the transport industry.

Download the report here