Companies for Open Mobility: Tranzer

In Amsterdam, for Sanneke Mulderink, founder and owner of Dutch MaaS platform Tranzer there should be a simple rule: “All modes of transport, either financed by the public or private and operating in the public space must be offered on a non-discriminatory basis to MaaS providers”.

Tranzer connects to all different systems of transport operators or suppliers like bike share, car share and taxis from all over the world to get the right price and the right ticket. The tickets are totally integrated in the validation process of the operator and can open a gate. Within the Tranzer platform the customer can plan, book and pay and choose the cheapest, the fastest or most comfortable way of travelling by public transport, taxi, shared car or bike. 

The Tranzer API can be fully integrated with business platforms. Tranzer is already integrated in WeChat which means that Chinese people can travel within Europe using the WeChat app connected to the Tranzer tickets. The Tranzer platform will soon be integrated with booking platforms and banking platforms.