TravelSpirit launches a new tool to measure the openness of a city’s transport system.

TravelSpirit continues its work on openness in Mobility as a Service by publishing a tool to assess how open new MaaS projects are.

The TravelSpirit Openness Index for Mobility as a Service is a practical tool to help create openness in practice. Created by the TravelSpirit UK Project Board, the tool consists of a methodology for assessing how open a Mobility as a Service offer is. It is an important addition to the growing library of TravelSpirit resources.

TravelSpirit is calling on UK transport practitioners to apply the tool on cities and transport operators. By ‘open-sourcing’ the methodology and working collaboratively the group is working to grow the UK Market for Mobility as a Service.

Chair of the TravelSpirit Foundation, Si Ho said:

“Openness is key to developing scalable, sustainable Mobility as a Service models for the public good. Our new tool enables closed and open elements to be identified – and the steps towards more openness to be quantified for the first time.”

The TravelSpirit Index of Openness for MaaS is a simple and practical tool to help those developing MaaS systems understand their current position and their potential for developing an open MaaS model.

The current version of the tool was peer reviewed and applied to the Transport for West Midlands MaaS project as a demonstrative case-study. The plan is to develop the tool further, with feedback from the UK transport community and support from University College London, who are planning to improve it over the summer, through a Masters dissertation project.

TravelSpirit is calling on the transport community to trial the Index and submit case studies to share understanding of openness in MaaS.  It is inviting contributions to validate and update the initial model and identify gaps, with a view to updating the tool in September 2017 – disseminating the findings at an event planned for the Autumn.

TravelSpirit Index of Openness for Mobility as a Service

TravelSpirit Index of Openness West Midlands Case Study

For further advice and guidance on its use or to submit case studies:


For further information please contact Beate Kubitz | +44 (0) 7974 369240

Key resources:

Whitepaper 1: Open or Closed? The Case for openness in Mobility as a Service

The updated TravelSpirit Index of Openness for Mobility as a Service will be published in late 2017.