TravelSpirit calls on government to learn from Mobike failure and support open collaboration in transport

In its submission to the UK government’s call for evidence surrounding the Future Mobility Grand Challenge, the TravelSpirit Foundation called on the UK government to promote the adoption of open source technologies, including blockchain, and open collaboration. This will support an inclusive future mobility and avoid the kind of market failures that leave communities marginalised and without the transport they need to prosper.

TravelSpirit Chair, Si Ho, said:

“Our observation is that existing UK transport providers and cities are not innovating at a sufficient pace, nor engaging enough with a transforming transport market place and new market entrants in the most positive or constructive way.

At the same time, across the globe, the activities of new technology companies are leaving behind a wake of “market disruptions” – and often not always achieving the best transport outcomes for people.”

Without a strong framework to support open data and technologies, current new entrants to the market do not view collaboration, co-ordination and sharing with authorities and other transport providers as worth-while to support their technology and data oriented business models.

The Foundation believes that transport needs innovation funding to promote open technologies and also a level playing field for both new disruptive transport entrants and existing operators to open safe, equitable and environmentally sustainable mobility to all.

TravelSpirit has submitted detailed responses to the call for evidence on Future Mobility to help shape future policy in this direction. Click on the following links for the UK Government Industrial Strategy Future of Mobility Call for Evidence and TravelSpirit Foundation Full Response.

The response includes references to the mounting flare-ups in the UK between cities and “new mobility service” tech companies, such as Uber v TfL last autumn and more recently the withdraw of Mobike from Manchester.

Further information about the recent events with Mobike in Manchester can be found in this recent Guardian Article.