Join us at the Manchester Blockchain Conference 2017

“Any new technology creates challenges, but with the right mix of leadership, collaboration and sound governance, distributed ledgers could yield significant benefits for the UK.” – Sir Mark Walport, Government Chief Scientific Adviser

With potential applications ranging from fraud prevention to processing passport applications, some experts believe blockchain could be a disruptive technology to rival the internet and the printing press. Through the use of distributed digital ledgers, blockchain would allow the public sector to greatly improve the way it protects and shares sensitive data. By embracing blockchain and becoming early adopters, organisations could drive efficiencies, reduce waste and improve transparency.

Join us at the Manchester Blockchain Conference 2017, thanks to TravelSpirit members, Salford University, where leading experts will explain how technology based on distributed ledgers will shape the future of services. Anticipate the benefits and limitations of adopting blockchain, understand how public sector leaders can facilitate early adoption and see how this new technology could revolutionise everything from voting to taxation.

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