ITS America partner with TravelSpirit to drive discussion about Data Sharing in US Cities

ITS America have partnered with the TravelSpirit Foundation on an event in Los Angeles, as a joint action to both promote the MOD Alliance program and to further embed the principles of openness, in particular data-sharing, into city mobility eco-systems.

Cities, regions and states use mobility data to manage their transportation system to reduce congestion, improve mobility, and enable greater accessibility to mobility choices. Private mobility and transportation information providers rely on data to provide services to their customers, power fleets and continue to grow the mobility marketplace.

The influx of new mobility on demand choices have resulted in large amounts of data being generated, some of which has begun to flow between the private companies and cities/regions/states.

The event has been designed to drive a larger discussion on data sharing in all forms of Mobility on Demand, including micro-transit, micro-mobility and city-wide data systems.

Featuring a series of keynote speakers including Laura Bliss from Citylab, Seleta Reynolds from LA DOT and Jascha Franklin-Hodge from Open Mobility Foundation, policy discussions and Data Demonstration Talks, these interactive sessions will build on takeaways from the previous ITS America Data Series and TravelSpirit Conference and Community Design Workshop events, to discuss road forward with the public and private sector as we prepare for the new scale of data sharing, access and utilization.

To attend please register at the MOD Alliance website.