TravelSpirit India


Position India as a testing and learning laboratory for integrated e-mobility solutions that enable economic and social empowerment through maximising location and resource utilisation efficiency.


●  Integrate transport and land use planning to enhance the efficacy of sustainable mobility solutions, including reducing travel times and distances required for routine activities.

●  Create an open-source framework for integrated mobility infrastructure and service design, development, and deployment.

●  Establish open mobility as a core public policy theme from election campaigns to community development planning.

●  Cultivate a diverse ecosystem of innovate mobility entrepreneurs both outside and inside established organisations

● Shape the future of e-mobility across India in a socially equitable, environmentally sound, and economically inclusive manner

● Foster a culture of transparency and accountability in transport and logistics through open standards and open data.

● Transfer best practices in e-mobility planning around the world to India, taking care to learn from policy and planning mistakes to avoid locking in unsustainable development paths.

● Equip local decision makers with the tools necessary to promote open, integrated mobility, including data interoperability mechanisms that cut across organisational silos.


Transit and Land Development Trusts

These trusts coupling transit upgrades with tradable development rights will enable the vast majority of new urban residents to live and work with walk sheds of transit stops, lessening the pressure for private auto ownership and the concomitant space requirements. TravelSpirit India will be convening stakeholders to deploy effective means of implementation to make the backbone of sustainable mobility infrastructure self-financing.

Shared Mobility Services

Last-mile mobility gaps and the presently increasing modal share of single occupancy vehicles present a challenge and opportunity for ride-sharing as a means of affordable passenger transport and congestion mitigation. TravelSpirit India will be collaborating with the Government of India to develop an open access ecosystem for shared mobility.

Electric Vehicle Deployment Facilitation

While mandates for electric vehicle share of new vehicle sales are coming into effect, retrofitting existing fleets and expanding charging and vehicle-to-grid facilities can accelerate electric vehicle adoption and concomitant environmental benefits. TravelSpirit India will facilitate an integrated, open access approach to bring electric connected mobility into the mainstream.