Leadership Development for Sustainable Action, Ambleside, UK, 3-6 Dec 2018

Leadership Development – a short course in a great place with good people University of Cumbria, Ambleside: December 3-6 2018, intensive, revitalising CPD!

Love learning in great places with good people? We think you’ll love this intensive, immersive and transformative excursion into the realms of Leadership Development too. Whether you’re a ‘leader-in-the-making’ or working to develop others leadership potential, this short course will challenge, stimulate and, if you’re up for it, generate new thinking and practice.

We mix it up with a blend of input and experiential hands-on activities facilitated and steered by professionals, leaders and experts from a range of sectors. Our aim is to grow skills and know-how on leadership and its development. We’ll work together to develop our critical understanding of what leadership development means in different contexts, how it emerged, the influence of different fields, thinkers and practice and how building this solid foundation could influence and support the develop of practice.

What you should expect to achieve during the course:

  • A critical appreciation of different leadership development programmes and their practical use
  • Grow greater clarity, confidence and capability in choosing or creating suitable LD activities
  • Evaluate better: an improved ability to critique and evaluate LDPs (know what works & what doesn’t)
  • Personal and professional growth
  • A network of professionals from a range of sectors

Leadership development is a multi-billion-dollar industry, yet it is widely held to fail to deliver what it promises. For those tasked with creating or sourcing Leadership Development Programmes (LDPs) and for those contemplating ‘being developed’ the market can feel cluttered and options overwhelming. On this course we will help remove a little of the ‘myth-tique’ around leadership – what it might mean, what it is not – and more importantly what different ‘development’ approaches can achieve (and what they can’t). It’s critical, challenging and also creative and constructive. We don’t claim to achieve miracles, to ‘shape’ you into a ‘high performing leader’ or other such nonsense, but we do aim to help you make smarter leadership development choices and create programmes that are more relevant and achievable.

The full cost of the non-credit Certificate of Attendance option is £600, however we are offering the course at a discounted rate of £400 for TravelSpirit affiliated members.

Leadership Development is a great professional development opportunity with a high return on investment.

Contact Module Leader David F Murphy with any questions: david.murphy@cumbria.ac.uk

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