Electric Bike Research Executive

Evidencing a Better Future

We are a Special Interest Group of TravelSpirit, formed of passionate and driven individuals  within industry and academia, focused on achieving high impact research and policy making decisions that will  unlock the full market potential of the electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPCs), e-cargo bikes and e-scooters for social, environmental and economic  gains across the globe.

We are making the benefits of electric bikes easily understood and realised, through impactful research, innovation and education activities, guided by the following principles and Objectives:

Guiding Principles

  • To provide impartial, independently verifiable evidence on different forms of electric bike.
  • To always act in the best interests of society and the environment.
  • To learn from each other, share best practice and hold the benefits of collaboration over and beyond self interests.
  • To avoid the specific promotion of individual brands, models or suppliers.
  • To disseminate all knowledge and research into electric bikes on a not-for-profit basis.


  • To assist public and regulatory bodies make informed policy decisions regarding electric bike and scooter use.
  • To become a trusted contemporary source for worldwide electric bike research.
  • To provide a co-ordinated approach to accessing relevant research and development grants.
  • To identify priority areas for new research into electric bikes.
  • To enable first to market opportunities for TravelSpirit affiliates, to exploit the global electric bike markets.


Clinical Trials

While the potential benefits of electrically assisted pedal cycles in medical practice and sports rehabilitation are evident and already being applied, there is little structured clinical research available to support and evidence greater levels of investment in the application of EAPC’s in medical and sports rehabilitation practice.

Research areas and programmes in which the Electric Bike Research Executive are currently active in establishing include:

  • EAPC training and progressive exercise programmes taken in combination with other cognitive and medication interventions for anxiety and depression
  • Complementary measures in the field of rheumatology
  • Rehabilitation from Stroke and Orphopaedic Surgery
  • Advising on product benefits within General Practice
  • Enriching the lives of those suffering from ME
  • Sustaining higher levels of active mobility amongst the ageing and obese population

Research into the environmental and economic benefits of e-cycling for commuting, leisure and last mile deliveries

Over 2020 we will be collaborating with the TravelSpirit Global Executive to develop the evidence base for a better future.