ITS America partner with TravelSpirit to drive discussion about Data Sharing in US Cities

ITS America have partnered with the TravelSpirit Foundation on an event in Los Angeles, as a joint action to both promote the MOD Alliance program and to further embed the principles of openness, in particular data-sharing, into city mobility eco-systems.

Cities, regions and states use mobility data to manage their transportation system to reduce congestion, improve mobility, and enable greater accessibility to mobility choices. Private mobility and transportation information providers rely on data to provide services to their customers, power fleets and continue to grow the mobility marketplace.

The influx of new mobility on demand choices have resulted in large amounts of data being generated, some of which has begun to flow between the private companies and cities/regions/states.

The event has been designed to drive a larger discussion on data sharing in all forms of Mobility on Demand, including micro-transit, micro-mobility and city-wide data systems.

Featuring a series of keynote speakers including Laura Bliss from Citylab, Seleta Reynolds from LA DOT and Jascha Franklin-Hodge from Open Mobility Foundation, policy discussions and Data Demonstration Talks, these interactive sessions will build on takeaways from the previous ITS America Data Series and TravelSpirit Conference and Community Design Workshop events, to discuss road forward with the public and private sector as we prepare for the new scale of data sharing, access and utilization.

To attend please register at the MOD Alliance website.

Open Mobility Conference 2019

TravelSpirit Foundation and the MaaS Alliance announce Open Mobility Conference 2019

New Brussels conference will examine how to build an open ecosystem of mobility and lay the foundations for seamless Mobility as a Service (MaaS)…join us for our unique day event on 11th April 2019.

Click here for Full Programme Agenda

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  • How can we create new mobility services that can be easily deployed, scaled and integrated seamlessly with existing provision?
  • What does an open ecosystem and Internet of Mobility look like and what opportunities does it create?
  • Why is openness so important?
These are the questions on the table at the Open Mobility Conference 2019. This one day conference, in Brussels on 11th April, will bring together innovators, disruptive thinkers, transport authorities, mobility operators, technology providers and infrastructure developers in a unique co-creative environment to start building answers these questions.

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TravelSpirit AGM, Manchester, March 13th 2019

Meet team TravelSpirit, join us for networking and speakers!

Meet TravelSpirit members, hear about new horizons in Mobility as a Service and join our networking event.

The TravelSpirit AGM is an opportunity to hear about new developments in Mobility as a Service, think about the context for new transport innovations and shape the future of mobility. 

Speakers include Johannah Randall, Head of Station Operations at HS2 Ltd.

If you haven’t joined TravelSpirit, as an affiliated member, now is a good time to get involved and influence its direction! 

For more information visit our Eventbrite page

Leadership Development for Sustainable Action, Ambleside, UK, 3-6 Dec 2018

Leadership Development – a short course in a great place with good people University of Cumbria, Ambleside: December 3-6 2018, intensive, revitalising CPD!

Love learning in great places with good people? We think you’ll love this intensive, immersive and transformative excursion into the realms of Leadership Development too. Whether you’re a ‘leader-in-the-making’ or working to develop others leadership potential, this short course will challenge, stimulate and, if you’re up for it, generate new thinking and practice.

We mix it up with a blend of input and experiential hands-on activities facilitated and steered by professionals, leaders and experts from a range of sectors. Our aim is to grow skills and know-how on leadership and its development. We’ll work together to develop our critical understanding of what leadership development means in different contexts, how it emerged, the influence of different fields, thinkers and practice and how building this solid foundation could influence and support the develop of practice.

What you should expect to achieve during the course:

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Polis Annual Conference, Manchester, 22-23 November 2018

TravelSpirit will be at the annual Polis Conference in Manchester, UK on November 22nd and 23rd.
It’s great to see that TravelSpirit founding member, Transport for Greater Manchester, has been given the honour of heading this international organisation for the next two years and that the annual conference has come to the UK.
As we did last year, we will be speaking again at the conference this year.
Giles Bailey, our CEO, will be presenting our joint paper  with Mohamed Hegazy from the consultancy and community group Transport for Cairo in Egypt.
Our talk this year will focus on creating an open eco-system of data on the critical informal transport sector in Cairo and how this has allowed greater transparency in understanding the transport needs of this growing metropolis in an emerging economy.

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Stimulating Transport Innovation in Local Authorities, Coventry, UK, 21st November 2018

On Wednesday, November 21st, Giles Bailey, CEO of TravelSpirit Foundation, will be speaking at the “Stimulating transport innovation through capacity building in small and medium local authorities – SUITS” conference in Coventry, England.

The conference has been organised by TravelSpirit affiliated member Transport for the West Midlands  and is part of a European Union’s Civitas programme.

Throughout the day speakers from across the Europe will be speaking on various aspects of this topic and comparing UK and other experiences including from councils, government and academia. Giles will be concentrating on the issues of creating an open framework and its benefits and challenges.

Autonomy Conference, Paris, France

TravelSpirit will be hosting a session on the morning of Friday, October 19th at the Autonomy Conference in Paris, France 
Autonomy is a annual global conference concentrating on new mobility trends and issues including MaaS and brings together speakers and exhibitors from across France as well as the wider world. Having attended last year, this year TravelSpirit we will be hosting an interactive session on  the morning of Friday, October 19th looking at the work of the Foundation, the need for openness in city thinking, our progress on developing an Openness Index/ MaaS Maturity Index and the role that these kinds of indices can play in championing good practice in cities around the world. Please join us!

Oral Evidence: UK Transport Committee Inquiry into Mobility as a Service

Click here for full transcript and to watch the session on video.

This was a 2 hour engaging dialogue between the Transport Committee and expert panel members, Paul Campion, Chief Executive, Transport Systems Catapult, Si Ho, Global Chair of the TravelSpirit Foundation, Professor Maria Kamargianni, Head of Urban and Energy Lab, UCL Energy Institute and TravelSpirit UK Board member, and Piia Karjalainen, Senior Manager, MaaS Alliance. The session was chaired by Lilian Greenwood MP for Nottingham, supported by commitee members Paul Girvan MP for County Antrim, Graham Morris MP for Easington, Luke Pollard MP for Plymouth, Graham Stringer MP for Greater Manchester and Iain Stewart MP for Milton Keynes.

The oral evidence covered definitions of MaaS, comparisons with the activities of tech companies such as Uber and Google, what economic and environmental benefits it could bring to the UK, barriers to implementation and the differences between a open and closed MaaS system, what role central government could/should play and to what extent MaaS was relevant outside the London capital and the potential for unintended consequences, including exclusion of vulnerable groups. TravelSpirit championed the role of government to leading on a new “Open Mobility” framework that focussed on interoperability and customer data portability and to consider on the positive benefits MaaS could bring to young people and air quality issues in the UK regions outside of London.

TravelSpirit 2nd Annual Conference, Atrium, London, UK

This was an exciting conference showcasing practical approaches to embedding Mobility as a Service in the UK. It attracted a wide spectrum of people commissioning, developing and advising on new mobility and MaaS programmes exchanging experiences and views.

The programme was framed around policy and strategy and looked at the principles of openness and practical case studies to demonstrate when, how and why to apply it.

Programme: Openness in Mobility as a Service

Presentations and Workshops

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