Travelspirit Data Policy

TravelSpirit Data Protection Statement

TravelSpirit Foundation is a global organisation based in Manchester, UK as a Community Interest Company. As a global business we operate in a range of countries around the world.

We treat data privacy as a key priority and embrace the deployment of GDPR within the European Union. It is our goal to maintain the highest security and clarity regarding the data that we hold on you as well as to delete any unnecessary data files.

TravelSpirit’s goal is to champion openness in the mobility sector through a range of means including thought leadership, conferences, writing, and stakeholder engagement. Therefore, we collect data on our members, supporters, partners and those who contact us. This data is held as a means of continuing the engagement with these individuals and organisations.

As a global organisation we support local boards in a range of territories from our main base in the UK. This data policy reflects the overall TravelSpirit organisation and we expect our local boards to adhere to its principles.

The types of information that we collect and use 

We typically will hold a range of types of information about you. These may vary depending on how you have engaged with us and over which length of time. The types of information will typically include:

  • Your name;
  • Employer and role at that employer;
  • Your employment location or other postal address that you have chosen to share with us;
  • Your original contact time and place with TravelSpirit;
  • Your email address(s) as well as phone number if you have chosen to share that with us;
  • Your interests within the TravelSpirit goals and objectives;
  • Our correspondence with you;
  • Photographs taken in the course of our events which may include identifiable images of you.

We may collect more detailed personal data as well as business related data if you choose to enter into a direct commercial relationship with us or, for example, work with us on a tender for work from a third party.

Using your personal data

TravelSpirit Foundation only collects personal information for the purposes of furthering our goals as stated above. Personal data that will not further these goals will not be retained.

We use personal data to further our aims and objectives typically via the methods as outlined below.

  • Email correspondence with our partners, members, supporters or other interested parties. This includes news from the TravelSpirit Foundation as well as specific invites and summaries regarding our events and other items;
  • We may choose to invite you to events held in partnership, but under the name of one of our partners, but we will only do this via our own databases and will not share your information with other organisations;
  • To internally understand more about our supporter and partner base and items such as their geographic and topic area spread as well as their diversity and interests. We may from time to time contact you to conduct market research, but will only do this via approved market research techniques that will not expose your data to unrelated third parties;

We will, of course, need to use customer data to fulfill any legal obligations imposed upon us by regulatory, public security and tax authorities as required by laws within the EU/ EEA.

If you agree to enter into a commercial relationship with us or work with us on a third party contract, we may use your data to facilitate this process.

Sharing your personal data

We will not share your  data with any outside organisations for marketing or any other purposes not related to the core objectives  and operation of TravelSpirit Foundation. Your data is held by TravelSpirit only for the purposes of our engagement with you and for the purposes of the development of our stated goals and with your consent.

International transfers

Our data is held in the European Union / EEA. Local TravelSpirit boards outside of the EU/ EEA may hold locally sourced partner data. This locally sourced data will be maintained within the ethos of the GDPR regulations which the overall organisation operates within.

Who to contact if you have a concern

If you have any concerns about the way in which your data has been collected or is being used please contact TravelSpirit Foundation via our contact page.

May 2 2018