Tech Startups

HiveIT (Sheffield, UK)


Hive IT are a multi-disciplinary team of passionate web experts. As an Agency we understand problems and help public, non-profit and private sector clients solve tough digital challenges

Our core services include UX Design, Consultancy, Software Development, Cloud Hosting, System Integration & Business Analysis

Codethink (The Peaks, UK)

codethink logo

We specialise in system-level software infrastructure to support advanced technical applications, working across a range of industries including finance, automotive, medical, telecoms.Typically we get involved in software architecture, design,  development, integration, debugging and improvement on the deep scary plumbing code that makes most folks run away screaming.

Republic of Things (Manchester, UK)


Republic of Things provides an Internet of Things crowd funded development and delivery platform. Based in the North West of England, home of the industrial revolution, Republic helps to remove the cost and complexity from the IoT infrastructure space, and is pioneering ways to crowd-fund the necessary infrastructure for local communities around the globe to take charge of their own IoT destiny. Republic is part of the Manchester CityVerve IoT SmartCities Demonstrator.

Local Motors (Berlin and USA)

Local Motors

Local Motors is a technology company that designs, builds and sells vehicles, by combining co-creation and micro-manufacturing. By leveraging an open-innovation process, the vehicles are collaboratively designed. The building is decentralised in micro-factories, that we set-up where the demand exists. We’re based in the US and Berlin is our first European footprint, where we’re going to open a Lab, physical relay to our online platform. In Europe we’re leading a driverless connected vehicle system that we’re looking forward to implementing in European cities.

Patch Penguin (Cyber Security, UK)

Patch Penguin

Jamie Woodruff, CTO of Patch Penguin, is a driving force behind TravelSpirit, and is busy recruiting the best ethical hackers in the world to help build code base.

E Kreative (Ukraine)

E Kreative Ukraine

An experienced digital agency bursting with fresh ideas, eKreative leverages innovative, technical problem solving to create intuitively simple solutions for end users. Our passion for clean, efficient end products is reflected in our purposeful approach to decision making; whether we’re deciding who to hire, how we set our development procedures, or how to impact social change with our finances.