TransportAPI offer a comprehensive open solution for UK transport data. We’ve got over 1500 developers and organisations building on our platform with all the open data feeds you need from our key industry sources. Open content, no downstream IP with simple pricing structures backed by guarantees. We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. Seamlessly integrate transport data into your products and services, via our RESTful URLs with bite-sized JSON formatted data.

At transportapi we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. Seamlessly integrate UK transport data into your products and services supported by our user friendly documentation.

We offer an open transport data platform… we don’t charge for the open data… we charge for packaging, scale and guarantees. Our T&Cs allow you get up to 1000 hits of data per day and you acquire full ownership of the data when it leaves us… you can even take our data and set up in competition with us… our aim is to make that futile.

We make money through our Enterprise services.. clones of our entire public API offering the ability to deliver, package and isolate our data into your services with customers like First Group, Ford, Heathrow and Future Cities Catapult. We are now getting close to £500K turnover p.a. on this model with 12 staff and growing 125% per year.

We are offering as a CC-BY-NC licensed platform for TravelSpirit… we’d like to see this service and its capacity help launch dozens of new smarter travel/ smarter city propositions across the UK. As these solutions prove their business models and need to use the data commercially we will offer them commercial options that they can test in the market for value.


Mydex is a Community Interest Company. It is asset locked. It serves individuals by helping them manage their lives more effectively through provision of tools and services that let them collect, accumulate, organise, analyse and share the data about their lives — whether this is data that organisations hold about them, that they generate themselves, or is generated around them through daily living. Mydex acts as a neutral, non-competing, public service platform, and is designed to embed trust in all transactions and interactions between an organisation and those they service and support.


Transit Exchange XXI (Texxi) is a platform that permits the realtime pricing of roadspacetime through an exchange.

It basically acts as “a ride message aggregator” – taking requests for rides from mobile devices and processing them into “trip packages” to make the use of vehicles as efficient as possible. A realtime version of the knapsack problem is solved for every trip package using genetic algorithms to get a “good enough” solution in a reasonable amount of time (seconds rather than hours or days).

The exchange thus transforms the choices in surface transportation for people by significantly raising the capability of the whole surface transportation system (cars, buses, trams) to transport goods and travellers reliably, with the lowest possible environmental impact and most efficient use of energy per person-kilometre. People can go point to point by sharing a vehicle in many circumstances, reducing or eliminating the need to own a car.

The problem of using electronic means to summon a cab is not interesting in any business, technical or philosophical sense. It is not even difficult and was solved well over 10 years ago in many markets.

What *is* interesting is a means to aggregate into as few as vehicles as possible many different people who wish to perform the same trip from the same or closely located origins in both space and time.

Thus a Transit Exchange is a combined set of systems, methods and marketing applied to any vehicle operation firm to allow it to increase its earnings by enabling customers who so wish to share rides in vehicles by using a mobile device (SMS, smartphone, web or email) to summon the ride.

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