Transport for The North

We have a vision for an integrated, single smart ticketing and fares solution across the North that works on all modes of public transport with pan-Northern customer travel information. TfN is taking immediate action to simplify rail fares and align the different tickets and approaches across the city-regions and beyond.

A world class Northern transport network will be further enhanced by a ticketing system that makes it simple and easy to travel around and between city-regions. This will be complemented by passenger information that is instantly available via smart phones and at stations and is consistent across the North. The North would be a unified travel area, with simpler fares structures to encourage the use of public transport.

Our shared vision for integrated and smart travel will see:

  • The development of a ticketing solution across the North that makes travel by rail, bus, Metro and tram as simple, attractive and convenient as possible.
  • An integrated Northern travel area, based around clear geographical zones and a fair and simple fare structure.
  • The introduction of a single smart ticketing solution that works on all modes of public transport right across the region.
  • Pan-Northern customer travel information allowing people to plan, choose and purchase travel.
  • Transport for the North acting as the coordinating lead across the North on fares and ticketing issues.