Systra JMP Consultants

SYSTRA-JMP has over 400 staff working in 12 locations across the UK and is part of the global SYSTRA group. SYSTRA-JMP is committed to promoting the uptake and use of sustainable travel modes for the benefits of both individuals and society.

We have a specialism in behaviour change programmes and we see the potential development of Mobility as a Service as providing the opportunity to make the suite of sustainable travel options the most convenient and attractive travel choices. However, it is vital that as these services are developed, the needs, aspirations and attitudes of different market segments are understood and the service is designed in response to these. And once the service has been developed, it needs to be effectively marketed and promoted to these groups to ensure uptake. This is where we can add value.

We also have a specialism in ticketing systems, helping to design smart ticketing solutions and develop back office systems for transport operators and authorities, which can assist with delivering the payment platform for MaaS products.

In relation to these work areas, we can help analyse all the data that is generated by these systems in order to advise operators and authorities on how to maximise the benefits of these schemes, as well as to build our understanding of the different market segments in order to further refine the market offers that are developed.