Sparta Digital

Sparta is an IoT solutions provider based in Manchester, UK , specialising in smart mobility , proximity engagement and smart city solutions.

Our Buzzin showcase app helps users get to the best events, restaurants, bars and other happening places in the city. It makes it attractive and easy for people to use public transport and other eco-friendly modes of transport.

For the TravelSpirit Community, our ambition is to open up the travel space by creating an open sensor infrastructure on public transport vehicles and related assets that could be utilised by external developers, apps and service providers to deliver mobility as a service (Maas) applications.

Within the context of MaaS, developers can utilise these sensors for journey validation for people getting on and off buses, taxis and other modes. In-turn this information can be used by apps and service providers for both point-2-pint journeys and also for multi-modal travel passes. Variety of on-board services can also be developed utilising these open infrastructure of sensors.