Simply Connect

Simply Connect aims to revolutionise community mobility and offer a real challenge to the gap in service provision that exists between local walking and cycling, “classic” public transport – whether it be local buses, light or heavy rail, and the choice that many travellers make to otherwise use their private car as the only means of timely and effective mobility.

The service will use small vehicles to gather and deliver local travel demand from near to people’s homes or destinations. Rather than compete with other public transport options, Simply Connect will work with these existing services to feed demand to core routes, fill in gaps in service provision, or offer out of hours service. While a technology system will underpin the service, Simply Connect is much more than another App! The scheme will form the “community” that will manage and operate the local service and operate through a Community Interest Company in the local area. Individuals as well as businesses and public bodies will be able to directly be part of the service and manage its outcomes. Learnings and data will be open, for more information click here.