Plannerstack is a community of individuals, organisations and companies who share a common goal: to provide the traveler with high quality and open services, ultimately decreasing the threshold and increasing the accessibility of public transport and mobility in the broadest sense.

We have organised ourselves in Plannerstack Foundation, where we guard and pursue this common goal with our shared interests and views as a starting point:

> We all come from different specialisation, but share an open source, open data, open standards perspective.

> We all utilise a multilayer, modular approach to travel information systems, and a clear, layered model for feeding back transit data changes to the source.

> We all realise that the travel information chain can only be as strong as its weakest link. Continuous improvement of this chain is up to us.

> We all believe that a community based on these principles, in which knowledge is shared and collaboration takes place openly, is the fastest and most sustainable way to make innovative developments possible. Co-creation is an important factor to making new solutions possible. And to providing the traveler with high quality services.

Our stated goal is to bootstrap an open, multimodal and real-time trip planning and mobility ecosystem, enabling any and all interested parties to develop and offer plug & play, dynamic and multimodal travel information services and applications. This also includes other (commercial) services springing up on the different layers, e.g. multiple specialised API and data compatible trip planning engines, and their respective hosting services.