At Mouchel we use our expertise to innovate, develop, design and manage the infrastructure solutions that communities depend on to thrive.

We are expert in emerging / disruptive technologies within the transportation field and understand the role that data-led solutions have in improving both operational outcomes and the customer experience.

Through our work providing travel information services at a national level we understand the role that data has to play in facilitating improved mobility, providing customers with accurate and useful information and, improving operational outcomes. We work closely with partners in the transport, information and communications sectors to aggregate disparate data sources, provide real time and predictive network information and distribute it via various customer, broadcast and open source channels.

We are actively working with our clients to capitalise on all aspects of innovation in transport to facilitate a step change in the way in which society moves, interacts and grows. We are proud of our well-earned reputation for working collaboratively with our clients and partners to ensure success.