TravelSpirit is a highly dynamic collaborative community project. We are building a partnership network that will contain a fabulous mix of Investors, Accelerators and Enterprise Hubs, Catapults, Tech Startups, Universities, Professional Bodies, Transport Authorities, Mobility Operators, Data & Supporting Infrastructure Providers, Connected Open Source Projects and API-Plugin partners.

Based on the rapid growth we are experiencing in membership to the community, we’ve now launched a formal partner programme – see below for members who have already achieved medal status.

TravelSpirit Community Members (

“Olympism is a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind. Blending sport with culture and education, Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.”

Gold Medalists (Champions of TS)

DfT are leading the Mobility as a Service policy development agenda for the UK. They have sponsored the UK’s first feasibility study into a novel Flexible On-Demand Transport Service, called Simply Connect, an affiliated partner of the TravelSpirit Foundation, that is using the busy urban setting of Manchester as the test-bed location. They are also sponsoring TS affiliate partner, Modalgo, a new platform that will give travelling customers total control of their travel data profiles, creating an equitable Travel Insight Exchange for use by transport stakeholders and MaaS operators. They are an active board member of the TravelSpirit™ consortium, and are assisting in the Open Governance of the project.

TfGM are an active board member of the TravelSpirit™ consortium, financial sponsors of the launch event in May at MediaCity and a test-bed authority for Open Source mobility solutions. As a member of the Cityverve, Internet of Things City Demonstrator, TfGM will be leading on an Open Source electric bike-sharing demonstrator.

La Fabrique Des Mobilités (FabMob, France)

The Fabrique (FabMob) is the first European accelerator dedicated to the rapidly changing ecosystem that is transportation and mobility. The Fabrique brings together players and projects, capitalizing on experiences, feedback and errors in order to create a common culture of innovative action. As part of its mission to expand into other regions, in June 2016 formalised a partnership with the TravelSpirit Foundation, that will see a pooling of resources and open collaboration between TravelSpirit and FabMob that will help with global adoption of FabMob philosophy and the TravelSpirit open source development platform.

Purple (UK)

Purple’s solution allows businesses to monitor their physical spaces and actively promote their brand, while providing valuable insights into customer behavior within venues.

With over 20 million users across 125 countries, Purple works with a range of brands and venues, including Legoland, Jaguar, United Wireless Arena, City of York, TUI, Centurylink, Outback Steakhouse, Pizza Express, British Land, Merlin Entertainments Group and the Indiana Pacers.

It has a global agreement in place with Westcon Comstor, in addition to an active reseller base of over 1,200 in 102 countries. Purple employs over 100 full time staff and currently has offices in the UK, US, Spain, Australia, Singapore and Chile, with more offices planned.

Purple is experiencing growth in multiple sectors, including hospitality, where people have time to spend online; in retail, where footfall tracking is essential; in healthcare, offering transparency around service and communication; and in entire cities moving towards the Internet of Things.

Purple divides its offering into two specific segments; WiFi Solutions and Location Services. Free and Enhanced licenses are available for both WiFi Solutions and Location Services.


BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, serving the needs of customers in the UK and in more than 170 countries worldwide. Our main activities are the provision of fixed telephony lines and calls, broadband, mobile and TV products and services as well as managed networked IT services. BT’s Research and Innovation unit are active in a number of Smart Transport and IoT-related activities, including the MK:Smart and Hypercat projects. They are also key partners with TfGM on Manchester’s Internet of Things City Demonstrator project, Cityverve. BT are championing the ‘Architecture’ theme for TravelSpirit and will be pro-actively supporting the development of a vibrant, open-source, eco-system around open and portable data.

Youth For Public Transport is an international non-governmental youth organisation (NGO) that promotes the active participation of young people in advocating sustainable mobility, by promoting the integrated use of public transport with other means of transport, to achieve greater well-being and a better quality of life of all people around the world.

Our story started in Helsinki, Finland, in 2006 where a visionary group from the UITP, decided to bring a fresh perspective to the world of Transport, by involving young people and listening to their perspective and experiences on Public Transport.

Steer Davies Gleave was formed in 1978 and has grown to become one of the world’s leading independent transportation consulting firms.

We are an employee-owned consulting firm and our independence guarantees impartiality.  Our consultants comprise qualified planners, modellers, engineers, economists, designers, operations experts, business strategy and finance analysts, researchers, specialists in marketing, communication & public relations, software developers and social scientists.

Since its formation, the firm has been providing strategic transportation consulting and solutions to clients, from problem identification, through planning, design and evaluation to delivery and operation. 

We see a huge opportunity in joining together a community of like-minded individuals and organisations, harnessing the power of open-source solutions to help solve transport challenges in our cities, towns and rural areas in a cohesive and collaborative way.

Alstom (Railways)

As a promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom develops and markets systems, equipment and services for the railway sector. Alstom manages the widest range of solutions in the market – from high-speed trains to metros and tramways – customised services (maintenance, modernisation), infrastructure and signalling solutions. Alstom is a world leader in integrated railway systems. It recorded sales of €6.9 billion and booked €10.6 billion of orders in the 2015/16 fiscal year. Headquartered in France, Alstom is present in over 60 countries and employs 31,000 people today.

Transport for West Midlands is part of West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA). WMCA is the twelve local authorities and three Local Enterprise Partnerships working together to move powers from Whitehall to the West Midlands and our locally elected politicians, who know this region best. The agreement with government will see it make an annual contribution worth £40 million for 30 years to support an overall investment package that will unlock £8 billion, alongside the creation of up to half a million jobs.

We recognise the need to promote innovation to deliver smart and intelligent mobility solutions that will make it easier for our customers to travel across the conurbation, thereby benefitting the local economy, improving health and protecting the environment.

We will achieve this through working with a range of partner organisations, start-ups, and SMEs to encourage and foster new thinking and new solutions to deliver the products and services that will be required to meet the needs of a growing population.

Plannerstack (Netherlands)

Plannerstack is a community of individuals, organisations and companies who share a common goal: to provide the traveler with high quality and open services, ultimately decreasing the threshold and increasing the accessibility of public transport and mobility in the broadest sense.

We have organised ourselves in Plannerstack Foundation, where we guard and pursue this common goal with our shared interests and views as a starting point:

> We all come from different specialisation, but share an open source, open data, open standards perspective.

> We all utilise a multilayer, modular approach to travel information systems, and a clear, layered model for feeding back transit data changes to the source.

> We all realise that the travel information chain can only be as strong as its weakest link. Continuous improvement of this chain is up to us.

> We all believe that a community based on these principles, in which knowledge is shared and collaboration takes place openly, is the fastest and most sustainable way to make innovative developments possible. Co-creation is an important factor to making new solutions possible. And to providing the traveler with high quality services.

Our stated goal is to bootstrap an open, multimodal and real-time trip planning and mobility ecosystem, enabling any and all interested parties to develop and offer plug & play, dynamic and multimodal travel information services and applications. This also includes other (commercial) services springing up on the different layers, e.g. multiple specialised API and data compatible trip planning engines, and their respective hosting services.

Simply Connect aims to revolutionise community mobility and offer a real challenge to the gap in service provision that exists between local walking and cycling, “classic” public transport – whether it be local buses, light or heavy rail, and the choice that many travellers make to otherwise use their private car as the only means of timely and effective mobility.

The service will use small vehicles to gather and deliver local travel demand from near to people’s homes or destinations. Rather than compete with other public transport options, Simply Connect will work with these existing services to feed demand to core routes, fill in gaps in service provision, or offer out of hours service. While a technology system will underpin the service, Simply Connect is much more than another App! The scheme will form the “community” that will manage and operate the local service and operate through a Community Interest Company in the local area. Individuals as well as businesses and public bodies will be able to directly be part of the service and manage its outcomes. Learnings and data will be open, for more information click here.

Silver Medalists (TS Affiliates)

Movement Strategies is the largest and most experienced independent, specialist people movement consultancy in the world. For over ten years Movement Strategies has been breaking new ground in crowd dynamics and people movement analytics in fields such as transport, events and stadia. It is now applying this unique understanding of movement and data analysis to smart cities and intelligent transport systems to help identify, plan and optimise the next generation of public services for citizens.

Modalgo (UK)

Modalgo is the new platform that will illuminate people’s travel as a game full of fun and insights.

We are building our first prototype – the Travel Insight Exchange – with an innovation grant from the Department of Transport.

Players will have total control of their own travel data profiles, enabling transport stakeholders , most notably MaaS providers, to share and interact with that data at a granular level.

Charles Hunter, Matt Watkins and David Alexander founded Modalgo in 2016 to realise our common vision of integrated, human-centered travel. At Mudlark, Charles and Matt had launched the London Transport game Chromaroma driven by players’ Oyster card swipes. David is CEO of TravelSpirit Foundation partner Mydex CIC, which has pioneered the development of person-centred data collection, storage and sharing, an essential element of integrated insights.


Loop Connections (Scotland)

Loop Connections provides the technology, design skills, and know how to power the circular transport economy. Our one stop shop enables off the shelf integrated solutions to be fulfilled for clients and partners. Loop Connections makes opportunities more affordable and accessible. The Loop is a collaboration of skills from logistics, transport, technology, and marketing. Services from the Loop reboot transport payment and ticketing services, unlock value through integrated service design, provide user friendly technologies suitable for everyone, and use offers and rewards to encourage more profitable, less wasteful, and more social solutions.

Alliance Manchester Business School was established in 1965 as one of the UK’s first two business schools. Today, we are the UK’s largest campus-based business and management school, and ‘Original Thinking Applied’ is at the heart of everything we do.

A full-service business school, we provide industry-focused education to undergraduates, postgraduates and executives. Our influential research impacts business locally, nationally and internationally, and covers a broad range of areas across our four divisions: accounting and finance; innovation management and policy; management sciences and marketing; and people, management and organisations. In 2014 the Research Excellence Framework (REF) ranked us 2nd in the UK for research power.

With centres in Dubai, Hong Kong, São Paolo, Shanghai and Singapore, our reach is truly global. We are one of few institutions to have achieved triple accreditation from AACSB International, AMBA and EQUIS, and the Financial Times ranks our MBA 7th in the UK, 14th in Europe and 38th globally.

We have a vision for an integrated, single smart ticketing and fares solution across the North that works on all modes of public transport with pan-Northern customer travel information. TfN is taking immediate action to simplify rail fares and align the different tickets and approaches across the city-regions and beyond.

A world class Northern transport network will be further enhanced by a ticketing system that makes it simple and easy to travel around and between city-regions. This will be complemented by passenger information that is instantly available via smart phones and at stations and is consistent across the North. The North would be a unified travel area, with simpler fares structures to encourage the use of public transport.

Our shared vision for integrated and smart travel will see:

  • The development of a ticketing solution across the North that makes travel by rail, bus, Metro and tram as simple, attractive and convenient as possible.
  • An integrated Northern travel area, based around clear geographical zones and a fair and simple fare structure.
  • The introduction of a single smart ticketing solution that works on all modes of public transport right across the region.
  • Pan-Northern customer travel information allowing people to plan, choose and purchase travel.
  • Transport for the North acting as the coordinating lead across the North on fares and ticketing issues.

Sparta Digital (Manchester)

Sparta is an IoT solutions provider based in Manchester, UK , specialising in smart mobility , proximity engagement and smart city solutions.

Our Buzzin showcase app helps users get to the best events, restaurants, bars and other happening places in the city. It makes it attractive and easy for people to use public transport and other eco-friendly modes of transport.

For the TravelSpirit Community, our ambition is to open up the travel space by creating an open sensor infrastructure on public transport vehicles and related assets that could be utilised by external developers, apps and service providers to deliver mobility as a service (Maas) applications.

Within the context of MaaS, developers can utilise these sensors for journey validation for people getting on and off buses, taxis and other modes. In-turn this information can be used by apps and service providers for both point-2-pint journeys and also for multi-modal travel passes. Variety of on-board services can also be developed utilising these open infrastructure of sensors.

Zeelo (UK)

Zeelo is making travel more direct by using data to intelligently generate ‘pop-up’ routes, pooling travellers together and matching them with a flexible supply network of over 20,000 vehicles from licensed operators.

We’re cutting out the need for changes and cutting journey times by up to 40%, as well as partnering efficiently with under-utilised fleet operators.

Transport for Cairo (TfC) was founded in 2015 with the mission and primary focus of working towards a more sustainable transportation system in Cairo.

To further this mission, TfC directs its efforts to map all formal and informal transportation in Cairo digitally, and release all data openly.

ADEME (France)

ADEME provides expertise and advisory services to businesses, local authorities and communities, government bodies and the public at large, to enable them to establish and consolidate their environmental action. As part of this work, the agency helps finance projects, from research to implementation, in its areas of action.

We are actively involved in the implementation of public policy in the areas of the environment, energy and sustainable development, through the following four pillars:

  • developing knowledge: ADEME organises and contributes to the financing of research and innovation and to establishing and coordinating observation of systems to the better understand how industries are changing;
  • convincing and mobilising: Because public information and awareness are essential to the success of environmental policies, ADEME implements communication campaigns to change mindsets, behaviours and purchasing and investment practices;
  • advising: ADEME acts in an advisory capacity to direct the decisions of actors in society and the economy, establishing tools and methods that suit their needs. Direct dissemination via expert advisers is a major way in which it provides its expertise;
  • assisting with implementation: ADEME provides graduated financial support and promotes the implementation of regional and national references.

bPay is continuing Barclaycard’s history of innovation, changing the way customers pay with a range of wearable contactless payment devices. It’s all linked to a pre-paid account that integrates with a digital eco-system, making buying fast, secure and contactless.

The Community Transport Association (CTA) is the national membership body for anyone, across the United Kingdom, who provides accessible and inclusive transport to those in their communities. The CTA is for, and about, accessible and inclusive transport. They work for a world where people can shape and create their own accessible and inclusive transport solutions from the ground up, so that everything else in life can be accessible and inclusive too.  The CTA is the leading authority on the practice and performance of community transport, using their knowledge and insight to inform the development of public policy, and ensuring that that the voices of communities across the UK are involved in plans and partnerships for future infrastructure and innovation.

MaaS Global (Finland)

We at MaaS Global believe it’s time for transport to move on and get smarter. As the world’s first ever mobility operator, we’re set to make the biggest change in transport since affordable cars came to market. Our aim is to provide people an alternative to owning a car – an alternative that is not just equally good, but much better. By fulfilling people’s every travel need, complemented by attractive value added services, we are enabling a future of easy, efficient and sustainable mobility.

Carplus and Bikeplus promote accessible shared transport including car clubs, shared bikes and 2+ car sharing.

We work to change the way people travel to reduce the environmental impact of transport and improve access to transport for all. We support and encourage measure that promote car clubs, car sharing, bike sharing and other shared mobility schemes which complement public transport, cycling and walking to provide affordable and flexible travel.

Iotic Labs (UK)

Iotic Labs enables things to interact on the Internet – just like people do!

Our sharing environment, Iotic Space, allows unrelated things to interact, share and mash-up their data, enabling a whole new generation of information-rich services to be developed.

Create your own community of unrelated things, develop new products, services, and insights. Easily and securely disrupt established business models and transform your customers’, partners’, and eco-system’s expectations.

There is no tipping point, just start.

SYSTRA-JMP has over 400 staff working in 12 locations across the UK and is part of the global SYSTRA group. SYSTRA-JMP is committed to promoting the uptake and use of sustainable travel modes for the benefits of both individuals and society.

We have a specialism in behaviour change programmes and we see the potential development of Mobility as a Service as providing the opportunity to make the suite of sustainable travel options the most convenient and attractive travel choices. However, it is vital that as these services are developed, the needs, aspirations and attitudes of different market segments are understood and the service is designed in response to these. And once the service has been developed, it needs to be effectively marketed and promoted to these groups to ensure uptake. This is where we can add value.

We also have a specialism in ticketing systems, helping to design smart ticketing solutions and develop back office systems for transport operators and authorities, which can assist with delivering the payment platform for MaaS products.

In relation to these work areas, we can help analyse all the data that is generated by these systems in order to advise operators and authorities on how to maximise the benefits of these schemes, as well as to build our understanding of the different market segments in order to further refine the market offers that are developed.

Tech North (UK)

Tech North, part of Tech City UK, is a government-backed organisation that promotes and helps to develop the technology sector in the North of England.

CityVerve (Manchester)

CityVerve is Manchester’s smart cities demonstrator. Delivered by an outstanding line-up of 21 organisations from the public, corporate, SME and academic worlds – who have united to transform the city and create endless possibilities for the people that live and work there.

CityVerve exists to help create a smart, innovative, inspiring Manchester. A blueprint for smarter cities worldwide.

Bronze Medalists (Incubating into TS)

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is one of the largest higher educational institutions in engineering in Central Europe. The Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering aims to be the scientific center in the fields of transportation engineering, vehicle engineering and logistics engineering. The Faculty has been carrying out research and education in the interdisciplinary fields of transportation engineering, focusing on questions like strategic and operative planning, operation and management, decision support in transport, evaluation and control of transport networks, analysis of passenger transport processes, taking into account the aspects of transport safety and sustainability.

Mouchel (UK, Middle East, Australia)

At Mouchel we use our expertise to innovate, develop, design and manage the infrastructure solutions that communities depend on to thrive.

We are expert in emerging / disruptive technologies within the transportation field and understand the role that data-led solutions have in improving both operational outcomes and the customer experience.

Through our work providing travel information services at a national level we understand the role that data has to play in facilitating improved mobility, providing customers with accurate and useful information and, improving operational outcomes. We work closely with partners in the transport, information and communications sectors to aggregate disparate data sources, provide real time and predictive network information and distribute it via various customer, broadcast and open source channels.

We are actively working with our clients to capitalise on all aspects of innovation in transport to facilitate a step change in the way in which society moves, interacts and grows. We are proud of our well-earned reputation for working collaboratively with our clients and partners to ensure success.

ODI Leeds (UK)

ODI Leeds is a pioneer node of the Open Data Institute. It was created to explore and deliver the potential of open innovation with data at city scale. We work to improve lives, help people and create value.
Our mission is to:

>  create a place where people from all sectors/backgrounds can come together to be creative, innovative, and collaborative. We want to be inclusive, vibrant, and most importantly, fun for all.

> encourage the people of Leeds (and beyond) to engage and innovate with open data. Ask questions, find answers. Look at problems from new perspectives then build solutions.

ODILeeds are affiliating with TravelSpirit to collaborate on achieving together on realising open smart cities and a mobility as a service that exist to enable communities, not consume them.

Catalogue (Europe)

Catalogue is an openly-governed community that relies on the collaborative input of its members. It is our mission to create and foster the largest global source of mobility data, connecting data producers with developers across the world. We provide the tools and the mechanisms for data to be shared, stored, organized, verified and utilized, so that together we can build the mobility solutions of tomorrow.

It is our mission to align transport data from all over the world so that developers can provide accurate and up-to-date information to travellers, wherever they are and wherever they are going.

HiyaCar (UK)

HiyaCar is a person to person car sharing platform for car hire between people. It aims to turn the millions of private cars sitting idle on drives and streets into a virtual fleet of cars for hire.

This gives hirers more choice, convenience and value for money, whilst car owners are able to turn their car into a second source of income that could even pay for the cost of the car.

The HiyaCar platform promotes ‘access over ownership and brings environmental and macro economic benefit as part of the wider sharing economy.

Traveline (UK)

We are delighted to help in its endeavour to create an open-source ‘white label’ journey planner that will capture the imagination of local authorities and small transport operators, that they could have their own branded journey planner.

Accenture (Global)

Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions—underpinned by the world’s largest delivery network—Accenture works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. With approximately 373,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries, Accenture drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives.

‘Hayfield Sustainable Transport Ltd’ (HSTL) provides the minibus version of a car club.  The ‘Travel Groups’ that use this transport are formed by integrating transport demand, which helps to balance this side of the integrated transport marketplace.

Public Software (Fiduciary Host, Europe)

Public Software CIC (Community Interest Company) is a not-for-profit umbrella for open source and free software projects in Europe. We handle all the administrative tasks so you can get on with using your software freedom! Public Software holds all of TravelSpirit’s assets in trust and acts as the facilitator for its governance.


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