Transport for The North Integrate Freight & Logistics into MaaS


Transport for the North has  launched its report into how transport of freight and logistics across the North of England can play a vital role in rebalancing the UK’s economy. The Northern Freight and Logistics Report highlights the potential for the North’s freight and logistics sector to make a significant contribution to the overall economy with a forecast potential £35 billion worth of benefits to the Northern Powerhouse by 2060, as well as making a positive contribution to the sustainability agenda by encouraging more freight on rail.

Integrating into Mobility as a Service (MaaS) will be achieved by developing a network of freight interchanges/distribution centres (Multimodal Distribution Parks) which are well connected by rail and/or waterways and provide the backbone for a last-mile delivery network, that could co-exist and synergise with passenger transport solutions. For example, in the future a customer could leave MediaCityUK (Manchester) by tram and train for home in Leeds, at the same time as ordering ahead food for that evening’s meal – that will have been delivered to their home before they arrive back. Nice!