Solution Development Event for TravelSpirit Confirmed in Paris


Following the successful launch of TravelSpirit at our Community Design Workshop event in Manchester (click here for our agenda), our partners, FabMob have taken the outcomes from the day and developed a follow up event with their local French partners, CEREMA, AFIMB and KISIO.

This event represents a significant next step for the global TravelSpirit community; in the form of a technically focussed workshop on Open Source Software in the fields of Mobility, September 27th at Mozilla, Paris.

The objective of the day will be for open source practitioners to share existing solutions, present current or short term developments and to discuss how to organise efforts with support of the wider TravelSpirit community. It will help identify where the synergies lie and what funding opportunities there are for development ideas.

The workshop will help develop the following resources for the TravelSpirit community:

  • an indexation of all relevant open source projects, with most relevant ones with room for development invited to be incubated into the TravelSpirit platform for hosting on our own instance of GitLab
  • a development narrative on the FabMob Wiki
  • an “Evangelisation Kit” for open source software – details tbc

Click here for more details. And contact us if you want to participate.