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Becoming a Member

We’re inviting organisations and individuals with an interest in transport/mobility or in open source/free software to become a member of TravelSpirit.

Registration (click here or the ‘Become a Member’ button) just takes a minute to fill in the and helps us understand which of the TravelSpirit challenge themes you are most interested in as we build the community. It also enables you to upload your application form.

Register for as many events as you can in our September Runway!

As well as becoming a member, we searching for individuals and companies who have the potential to spearhead the rapid growth of this project, from the start. If you are one of those individuals or companies, then we are encouraging you to take part in the growing momentum of the TravelSpirit community. Click here to register at our runway events.

Any further questions, please contact us. Note that the competition, including all entries, is covered by the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0-Int license.

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