FabMob Open Call

Open Source Project Incubation Programme ‘Call’ – Open FabMob

La Fabrique des Mobilities (FabMob) offers, in collaboration with TravelSpirit and PlannerStack, the necessary infrastructure (digital, network, support) for entrepreneurs to succeed in developing new businesses, based around a code and creative commons.
FabMob, wishes to accelerate the development of the code commons by bringing together different organisations / projects with a joint interest in developing the same, core, codebase, in the open.

Developing a core codebase in the open, not only saves on budgets and time, it helps each individual organisation/project focus on the true added value of their project. It also increases the chances of establishing beneficial common data standards.
To start this enterprise off, two challenges have been identified and are described below.

Challenge 1) Accelerate the deployment of daily carpooling
Solution Scope: Core modules of code that can be of use to a range of applications
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Challenge 2) Developing low-cost and sustainable personal mobility solutions
Solution Scope: Affordable for wide-spread distribution into small to medium communities. Minimum capital cost and low cost of operation.
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All Projects must deliver code and content in the open and managed with a shared governance model based upon meritocratic principles. For example, this can be achieved by becoming an affiliated TravelSpirit project.

In applying to FabMob for this call, you have two options:

  • Suggest a new joint project; and/or
  •  contributing to a project already proposed.

FabMob encourage discussion with any ‘upstream projects’ that interest you, before launching your own project.

ADEME will then assess ways in which they can help either finance and/or provide skilled resource to support projects. The award criteria are based on:

  • adequacy of available challenges,
  • involvement of all stakeholders,
  • neutrality of deliverables, ability to be shared
  • size and community engagement around deliverables
  • opening of deliverables and type of license
  • ability to start and deliver operational deliverables

Note: there will be no difference between a project supported by a startup accompanied by the Fabrique and another unaccompanied. More details are provided below.

What are the benefits of applying, through affiliation with TravelSpirit?

  1. Support in developing your project and giving you access to market from our growing membership base, including, help in setting up your project on Crowdfunder.
  2. Hosting your code project on http://gitlab.travelspirit.io – which will become the ‘go to’ place on the internet for code relevant to delivery of Mobility as a Service / New Mobility Service platforms, for TravelSpirit, PlannerStack and FabMob endorsed projects.
  3. Most direct access to collaboration with United States
  4. If you are a European organisation / project, you may need to weigh up the relative benefits of affiliating with TravelSpirit, compared with our alliance partners PlannerStack (based in the Netherlands) and FabMob (based in France).


How can I invest in this call?

FabMob would also welcome to hear from organisations and individuals willing to make contributions to this call. Your contribution will be visible and highlighted both FabMob and TravelSpirit. Contributions can be in the form of:

  • project management and communications support
  • financial donations and promoting crowd funding campaigns
  • test-bed: access to trial areas and populations and governance support.
  • co-create: connect to a fablab to means testing, calculation means,
  • moderation / facilitation of code-development
  • co-creation: expertise and time offered ‘in kind’


Project Applications

Projects will need to provide the following information:


  • financial and technical description to meet the challenge, bring out the POC
  • technical feasibility, simplicity, robustness,
  • the ability to implement, maintain, make known, deploy,
  • multichannel communication, multi-stakeholder
  • involvement of users in the design
  • business models considered
  • ability to describe and retrieve the resource produced (product / service) the reusable part, neutral, mutualisable, independent of the product / service developed for this challenge.



  • people & experience
  • diversity & complementarity
  • organisation structure and governance
  • reliance on other communities
  • visibility, commitment capacity




Articulation of what support you are looking for:

  • financial aid
  • expertise, territory,
  • human resources.