Connected Open Source Projects

Digitransit (Helsinki)


Digitransit is the open nationwide journey planning platform by Helsinki Regional Transport (HSL) and Finnish Transport Agency. An active member of the TravelSpirit™ consortium, Digitransit will be collaborating with Manchester and Bolzano to exploit the Digitransit assets in a North of England and North of Italy scenario.

Planner Stack (Netherlands)

Planner Stack

At Plannerstack we are working hard towards real-time multimodal journey planners, available to anyone as a commodity. We envision that launching an affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) solution brings us closer to this goal. In the past year we collaborated with many skilled developers from a variety of solution providers to bring OpenTripPlanner to the masses. We are now partnering with TravelSpirit to play a stronger role in delivering the Mobility as a Service market.

Simply Connect (Manchester)


Simply Connect is being developed as an innovative community-focussed business to deliver local transport services, centred around the Small Vehicle Transport System. We will shortly be providing further information here. In the meantime, please get in touch to find out more. Simply Connect is a partner of Travel Spirit and currently working with the Department for Transport on the UK’s first feasibility study into an Open Source Small Vehicle Transport System.

Alto Adige (Bolzano)

Alto Adige, Bolzano

The autonomous region of Alto Adige in Italy are pioneers in the exploitation of open source code solutions to regional governance and transportation. They are active board members of TravelSpirit™ consortium and will be collaborating with Manchester and Helsinki on test-bed opportunities for the developing code-base.