Community of Collaboration is an open collaboration between independent stakeholders, creating a platform for them to deliver Mobility as a Service solutions, enabled by open source licensing and open development, anchored in a public fiduciary entity.

Our mission objectives for TravelSpirit are:

  • We will form a community of practice to create new, commercially-viable MaaS solutions built from both existing open source components and new code. Read more.
  • TravelSpirit is committed to growing the liberty of its community through open source, open and portable data and open development.
  • We are committed to submitting improvements we make to existing code upstream where possible and encourage users of our code to contribute improvements to us.
  • To signal and encourage this, all our work will be open source, using the Mozilla Public Licence v2 and compatible licenses. Read more.
  • We seek to enable downstream commercial deployment but TravelSpirit will remain a not-for-profit community.
  • TravelSpirit is curated by the TravelSpirit Foundation, who will hold all assets in trust and facilitate open governance by and for actual, current participants in the TravelSpirit community and their successors….read more.
  • The community will seek Crowd Funding opportunities. Public sector resources are constrained due to a range of globally developing trends…read more.

Application Areas

Through forming a collaborative community all signed up to reciprocal open source license protocols we are on a mission to deliver a complete Mobility as a Service offering, delivering a full range of ‘use cases’, that will include, for example:

Transforming the Rail Industry

The rail industry is a relatively complex and capital-intensive one for businesses to enter and develop market share in. The railways are expensive to build and maintain, buying and running trains requires a significant initial outlay, while the cost of research and product development is much greater than many other sectors…read more

Bike Sharing

Successful and sustainable world cities are looking to new solutions that enable mobility while creating the vibrant and interesting environments that attract…read more

Car Pooling

In many cities cars remain, and will remain, the dominant means of mobility for the foreseeable future due to the current….read more

Small Vehicle Transport Systems (SVTS)

The car now dominates our travel outside most major cities. This is particularly in the suburbs and smaller towns where many people live and public transport use remains an exception.  In fact, in many situations and in particularly in the UK…read more

Taxi Booking Systems

Taxis and private hire vehicles provide people with the flexibility of door-to-door transport on demand, without needing to use or own their own vehicle….read more