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As mobility experience is increasingly determined not only by duration or monetary cost of travel, new cultures of work have emerged, especially strong among knowledge workers, that exploit non-traditional settings, including publ

"We are heading towards a chaotic approach to public transport that will work because MaaS operating through size and cost-appropriate electric vehicles (AKA buses) will deliver high definition mobility" says Steve Reeves, Head of

Simply Connect are proud to announce our crowd-funding campaign, and invite you to invest! Simply Connect is steadily making progress in developing its service off

We are excited to reveal a new and welcome collaborator on TravelSpirit’s first Hackout franchise

We are proud to announce the joining of NAA to the TravelSpirit Foundation. This is part of a new ‘Northern Powerhouse’ initiative, called the ConcentriCity Allian

TravelSpirit Gold Medallists Department for Transport (DfT, UK) has published an influential report by University College London (UCL) Transport Institute that identifies the key social and behavioural questions that should be add

TravelSpirit Affiliate, BT, have not only identified a key barrier to Mobility as a Service - interoperability of data across different modes of transport and linkages into our he

TravelSpirit Foundation 'gold medalist' partner, Alstom, have acquired Nomad Digital to strengthen their capability to help the rail industry migrate to Mobility as a Service. Nomad Digital employs around 230 people, and is headqu

Why Open Source?

Open source licensing is the dominant approach for new projects since it:

Unlocks innovation by giving permission in advance to everyone to reuse code as they see fit!