Affiliated Universities

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

Manchester Metropolitan University

A progressive University with strong Urban Planning Studies and User Experience capabilities, MMU are an active board member of the TravelSpirit™ consortium. They are working with DfT on the Open Source Small Vehicle Transport System and, as partners on the Cityverve Internet of Things demonstrator, they will be collaborating with TfGM on the Open Source electric bike-sharing demonstrator.

University of Salford (Manchester)

University of Salford

A growing University with strong Robotics and Autonomous Systems capabilities, UoS are an active board member of the TravelSpirit consortium. They will be integrating their open source robotics and autonomous systems software into the TravelSpirit™ code base.

University College London (UCL)

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With the projected growth in transport demand, the current modus operandi in transport supply is deemed unsustainable, generating the need for innovative services that could better manage the existing fleet and deliver the vision of the 2011 White Paper on Transport for seamless mobility and a shift from car-ownership to usership. An emerging trend has been the slow but steady shift towards shared vehicles and on-demand modes, especially in conjunction with public transport. Ideally these services can be integrated together to provide a sustainable and equally convenient alternative to private cars for door-to-door mobility. UCL are therefore championing the development of Mobility as a Service concepts for the European stage, centred around the user experience.