About Us

Our Origins and Future Direction

MaaS is about transitioning mobility from being an “owned” concept via the mass-produced car market; to an “obtained service” concept to meet transitory demands via ridesharing, car sharing, cycle hire and public transport (rail, trams, buses).

Accountants have assessed this global market is worth circa $900 billion dollars per year. Due to the size of the prize, investment interest in this area is massive, and a number of ‘MaaS alliances‘ are beginning to align, all targeting this lucrative future market opportunity.

The idea behind TravelSpirit was conceived in 2015 through exploratory discussions between the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), on how to solve some of the ‘Smart City’ problems TfGM were predicting the city could face in the future, in terms of delivering seamless, integrated mobility.

Through early collaboration with University of Salford, Manchester Metropolitan University and ethical hacker, Patch Penguin, this initial challenge flourished into a firmer local commitment to reach out to a wider community, and establish an appetite for a reciprocal open source project, that would tie a global community together and rapidly grow.

In the early part of 2016, we reached out to a number of open source communities around the world, including the progressive city region authorities in Helsinki and Alto Adige (northern Italy), the UK Department for Transport, and disruptive agencies such as Satellite Applications Catapult – which achieved a consensus of ‘yes please’.

On 8th March 2016, we launched our community website, travelspirit.io to the world, with the pro-active support of a range of partners, to take our recruitment of a global community to the next level. The next step in our journey will be our conference and secluded design workshop events, set in Alliance Manchester Business School and MediaCityUK, Manchester, UK, on the 28th/29th June.

The purpose of this event, with invitations awarded by an application process, will establish a bold business plan for how TravelSpirit will play a role in delivering Mobility as a Service at scale.

travelspirit.io is set to become a global commons of “Internet of Mobility” infrastructure, networks and code. An accessible resource for mobility operators and transport authorities, with new open source software components licensed under MPLV2

It will be built by a global community of organisations and individuals, with a diverse range of business interests (either in terms of different types products and services or application in different geo-spatial and cultural domains) joined together with a common vision and values.

Nurturing the travelspirit.io community, is TravelSpirit Foundation. It is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that functions as a trade association to promote TravelSpirit’s core values, and a Research Technology Organisation (RTO) to build the Internet of Mobility.

Visit the website of TravelSpirit Foundation now, to find out more!